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"Thanks for all the hard work you did many years ago to grow my love for triathlon. The commitment and drive you give those you coach is contagious. It pushes them to be better individuals" - Dr Jake Oergel
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Steve coaches a track workout
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To learn more about my athletic background, coaching experience, coaching techniques and philosophy, click here: the coach. Take a look at what I offer for coaching services, as well as reasonable coaching fees. When you decide you want my advice to prepare for your next target event, submit your background info through this application page. I'll get back to you quickly!
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Tri-eCoach is a triathlon coaching service for athletes of all ages and abilities. I will design an optimal triathlon training program for any athlete—beginner to elite competitor—and set no limit on communication time. An ongoing athlete‹—›coach dialog is the key to our shared success!

I'm Coach Steve with 17-seasons of elite-level competitive cycling, followed by 18-years of multisport racing; I have practical experience to complement my analytical skills. As a former National Cycling Team member as well as Triathlon and Duathlon Team USA member, I've won age-group National Championships in triathlon, duathlon, and cycling: athletic résumé. I've helped hundreds of endurance athletes attain their competitive goals for triathlon, duathlon, cycling, and running; I've coached for USAT and USAC, as well as independently: coaching résumé. I combine coaching theory with years of race day experience for results!

I offer personalized coaching to triathletes and duathletes, as well as single-sport endurance athletes. Each training plan is unique, created one-at-a-time based on your specific needs, not pre-written or computer-generated generic. My coaching philosophy is based on the belief that you should make the most of your training time, so every workout has a purpose. I understand your training cannot always be the first priority in a healthy lifestyle so I make adjustments as needed. Here's what clients are saying: testimonials.

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