by Coach Steve

As we pursue excellence in triathlon events our behavior can become a bit obsessive, especially from the perspective of those who don't participate, but that's what passion for sport is all about. As obsessions go triathlon is not that bad, perhaps a little taxing to family and significant others, but no threat to society as a whole. Consider what we do from the perspective of those not 'addicted' and you should be able to see some humor in it.

Here are the symptoms:

  • Just one more qualifier and you're sure you'll make it to Kona.
  • Only one workout a day makes you feel guilty.
  • You called in sick not because you're hung over but because the weather was bad over the weekend and you've got to get that long workout in.
  • You lie to your friends and family about what you did over the weekend: "I relaxed!"
  • You can accurately assess fitness level by volume of laundry.
  • You know the exact weather prediction for any given day, when a storm is coming, what the wind speed is—and most important—from which direction it's blowing.
  • Your bike(s), wheels, wetsuit, and other miscellaneous tri-gear are worth more than your car.
  • A year of entry fees cost more than your car insurance.
  • You never sleep-in on weekends.
  • You used to eat candy bars and still do, but now they have names that include words like: Power, Balance, Zone, etc.
  • Acronyms and numbers like HRM, AT, LT, ATP, OD, 140.6, 70.3 are familiar, and IM does not mean Instant Messenger!
  • You know there's still a band aid at the bottom of lane 3.
  • The phrases "Swim Meet this Weekend," and "Annual Maintenance Shutdown" stress you out.
  • You forgot how to tie shoe laces.
  • You know all the kilometer to mile conversions by heart.
  • Spending another $1000 on your bike to shave a few seconds off your 40k time is well worth it.
  • You plan your race season a year in advance and log on at midnight with your credit card ready.
  • You used to make fun of people wearing Lycra, now you think it looks cool. :)
  • You look forward to getting older (aging up = less competition)!

    "Those who hear not the music think the dancers mad." - Chinese Proverb
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