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I offer ongoing training programs designed with your experience level, personal goals, and daily time constraints in mind. Regardless of what level you're competing at now, if you're committed to getting to the next level, I can help you get there.

I've coached a wide variety of athletes from first-timers, to athletes going for the win on race day. I've also coached athletes with challenging schedules: professional firemen, pilots, physicians on call, even stay at home Moms watching the kids! Many I've coached are working with physical limitations—or injuries—that require unique scheduling of workouts. Since I write up schedules one-at-a-time I can adjust and compensate for these special needs, making changes quickly.

Here are some of the ways I can advise you:

  • Long-term Programs (seasonal periodization)
  • Short-term Programs (target race buildup)
  • Race Season Planning (which buildup events make sense)
  • Strength Training (injury abatement/ power for swim and cycling)
  • Equipment Advice (the right equipment helps)
  • Injury Prevention (training adjustments as needed)
  • Injury Resolution (abatement and compensation)
  • Static Image Position Analysis (optimize bike fit)
  • Video Form Analysis (swim, bike, and run technique)
  • Off-Season Fitness Maintenance (active recovery and maintenance)
  • Sports Related Nutritional Advice (crucial 1/2 and full IronMan fueling)
  • Advice to Bring Your Weak Discipline up to Speed! (train your weaknesses; race your strengths!)

To begin a coaching program please go to the application page. Take some time to complete the form with an overview of your athletic experience and goals. After looking over the information I'll get back to you ASAP via email so we can plan a time to discuss details on the phone. You can also contact me anytime through this page.

Interactive Personal Coaching Plans
Tri-eCoach personalized training programs are incremental in nature. To begin, I'll analyze information gathered from your application and a subsequent phone consultation. Then I design a unique training plan based on your endurance sport experience, competitive goals, time constraints and energy level. My goal is to gradually build your fitness to a peak for your target competition(s) at a level of training you can complete with good energy, injury free. Training plans are prepared and updated on a bi-weekly basis, then posted online with your own unique web page(s). I encourage you to contact me whenever needed with feedback and questions about season planning, specific workouts, technique work, equipment, nutrition, and any other training or competition related issues via email or phone. From years of experience I know that being consistent with any training regime is crucial to its success, therefore I recommend a minimum three-month initial commitment to my program.
Cost: $125 per month for first 3 months, then $98 per month after that.

Pay by credit card for months 1-3 (3x 125) $375:
Pay by credit card month-by-month $125:
Pay by credit card after initial 3 months (3x 98) $294:
Pay by credit card month-by-month $98:

Personal Training Sessions with the Coach

If you need one-on-one coaching such as assistance with technique, video form analysis, or just in-person consultation, I'll meet with you for an in-the-pool, on-the-road, or at-the-track, personal training/consultation session. Cost: $80 per hour:

Bike Fitting Online

I can optimize your bike fit with images. Adjustments can be made to seat height, seat fore/aft positioning (setback), reach to handlebar/aerobar, as well as the height of aerobar vs. seat height (drop). Cleat positioning is tricky to perfect long-distance, but I can help with that too. If you're able to send video, I can also help with form issues. Cost: $44 per fit:
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