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Therese Phillips THERESE PHILLIPS - Staying injury free and having fun!
"At age 52 and recovering from meniscus repair surgery six months prior, I had the luck of winning the lottery to run the New York City marathon. While I swore I would never run another marathon I could not pass up the opportunity to run New York. Between the knee surgery and a new job with 10-hour days I knew I needed help.  Coach Steve agreed to become my coach even though I was just doing one sport not three. The change to heart rate and time vs. pace and distance has been a game changer for me.  He was very patient as I questioned this new training. One feature of his training style is receiving the training plan in small doses. When you undertake a marathon it can be overwhelming to see the entire plan at once. This also allows responses for times when I'm not feeling well or my schedule changes. I have been able to use his run/ride method to an unprecedented amount of days training. Not only that but the races I have done on the way to the marathon have resulted in personal records. Running is no longer a painful chore. I feel strong with every run and every ride. I am no elite athlete by any means, but the guidance from Coach Steve makes me feel that I am not nearing the end of my running days but have many more races ahead of me."
Doug Lieb DOUG LEIB - Made a comback after injury and now back to winning!
"Following a running injury 4 years ago that ended with surgery, a long time off, and other life complications, I’d almost given up any hope of returning to competition. I decided to attempt a return to triathlon/duathlon last year. Initially I tried coaching myself but my progress was limited. I missed the structure, support and accountability that only the right coach can offer. After a lot of research I selected Coach Steve for his experience and accessibility. I needed a coach that understood the challenges facing a masters athlete that had to overcome injury, loss of fitness, and was carrying too much weight. Coach Steve was up to the task. Early in the process hardly a week passed that I wasn’t working through the issues, aches and pains associated with making my way back to the podium. His wisdom and encouragement was key to navigating this period successfully. I had a long way to go and didn’t know if I’d ever get back to my former level of performance. It was both a physical and mental challenge. Early this season my races showed that I was a work in progress… but gaining fitness and shedding extra pounds. Through the summer Coach Steve’s leadership provided the right preparation so that when Duathlon Nationals rolled around I was able to qualify for next years Team USA. I wasn’t back to my full potential but I was able to make the team again. Since then I’ve managed to win my AG in a recent triathlon. Most significant is that I think my fitness is now at or above its former level. All of this in less than a year working with Coach Steve, and I’m still seeing improvement in all areas of the sport. I’m looking forward to a productive off-season, once I’ve finished this season with a couple of late races. My past off-seasons have never been very constructive. With Coach Steve’s help I know I’ll be ready to achieve great things in next season. Simply said, I couldn’t have done this without him!"
Monica McDonnell MONICA MCDONNELL - From also ran to podium finish!
“I have worked with Coach Steve twice, a few years apart, and both times with success. After having my first child and returning to full time work, I knew that I had to make every minute available for training count. Coach Steve was immediately up to the task, providing guidance over the phone and emails, and setting and adjusting training sessions to accommodate my schedule. I returned to racing with a PB in both the swim and the bike legs, to finish a respectable 5th in my age group in London. A few years later, I felt I had lost my way again. My results were disappointing and I was essentially an also-ran in small but competitive fields. Coach Steve once again has proved the difference. With flexible training plans he built up my fitness, and was very responsive to any questions I had. In my main race of the season I managed to grab a podium place for the second time in my life. Most importantly I took a whopping 17-minutes off last year’s race time! I think that says it all."
Bob Fiore BOB FIORE - Getting fitter and faster on the bike!
"I'm in my late-50s. I'm in decent shape, but don't identify myself as an athlete. In early retirement, I decided to set a cycling goal that I knew would be a stretch for me. I know a little bit about training and, in the past, I've been successful working with self-developed training programs. But this goal seemed more challenging and I thought I'd benefit from professional assistance. A friend recommended Coach Steve. I'm very happy with my decision to work with him. His workouts are clear and appropriate, and his e-mail responses to my questions were prompt and insightful. Coach Steve took me from a modest training base and progressed me gradually, but inexorably, towards longer rides and higher intensity. A few weeks before my event, I was quite strong and completing training rides that were likely more difficult than the event itself - a real confidence-booster! While my workouts were challenging, they were never too difficult; I never got sick or injured, nor did I ever feel burned out. On my actual target ride, the weather was much warmer than expected, and many riders suffered. The fitness base I achieved through Coach Steve's training allowed me to sail through the course confidently and successfully. But it really wasn't just the fitness. Coach Steve also nurtured the discipline, mental-toughness, and confidence I would need to prepare for and achieve my goal. There is much wisdom underlying his methods. Thanks, Coach Steve."
Will Mudd WILL MUDD - Taking his training and racing up a notch!
"After 5 years training for and racing triathlons I found myself looking for a new coach. My previous coach, who was a friend of a friend, was very knowable and taught me a lot. He guided me through 3 full distance Ironman event as well as many 70.3 and shorter races. Unfortunately he was better with numbers than he was with people. I thoroughly enjoy the triathlon lifestyle and was initially surprised that it taught me many bigger picture lessons like: more is not always better and consistency trumps a flurry of energy. I wanted a coach who understood these things as well as the raw physiology and mechanics of the sport. Coach Steve is able to provide this balance. From our first communication to our most recent he has always been responsive to my emails and given thoughtful answers. He is realistic and skilled at preparing daily workouts, keeping my specific needs and wants in mind. He, very generously, worked with me on bike fit and swim form as part of his regular coaching duties. I never feel pressured to spend money on testing or equipment and I never feel miss guided. With Coach Steve I have the reassurance of a knowledgeable coach who is willing to work with me to help me enjoy my experience and prepare well for my future events."
Loukia Loukopoulos LOUKIA LOUKOPOULOS - From "can't swim" to 3rd at Euro OD Tri Championship!
"I was very skeptical about an 'ecoach' on the other side of the globe, yet I was in dire need for a fresh approach having tried a number of coaching options both here in Greece and in the US. Motivation has never been a problem, but moderate success in recent races left me with the feeling that I needed to shift gears and take my training a notch higher. One telephone call was all it took. Coach Steve endured a flood of questions without flinching—and to my surprise—answered them all with patience and a sense of humor. Now I'm on the podium at my target races and not burnt out. Coach Steve’s approach is simple—a balanced and challenging schedule structured around quality and variety rather than volume. But even better, the entire schedule is flexible and adaptable to changing abilities and needs. Coach Steve actually listens! I've tortured him with daily emails; changes to my work and travel schedule; complaints about the challenges of riding my bike in Athens, even the occasional injury. In response he suggested alternatives and offered advice about technical, medical, and psychological issues in a helpful yet not artificially supportive manner. He even fit me to my bike based on photos. Coach Steve is an unending resource of information and has an awesome ability to transmit it. The rest is...well, all up to you!"
Lew Berman LEW BERMAN - Improved his century pace to 20mph!
"In the early 2000's I stopped running after a series of back injuries. A few years later, I started coaching my daughter's running team. I didn't want to go back to serious marathon running, so I started biking with a group of friends. I was improving and getting a bit better but once again the injuries (hips and shoulder) started to pile up. After lots of physical therapy, meds, and backing-off on the bike riding I decided there must be another way. So, I searched the Internet for a coach, something I never thought necessary. I found your website, researched your career, and decided to give it a shot. Frankly it was a bit intimidating - you were an Olympian and the athletes mentioned on your website were competing at levels I never would. Nonetheless, on our first conversation we spoke at length for an hour. You explained the process, what I should expect, and the fact that you would enjoy working with someone whose goals are more modest. In the year that we have worked together, it has been a great experience. Through email, video, and an occassional phone call, my endurance, strength, speed, power, and fun have gone up dramatically. I am having a blast on the bike, doing centuries and other events and taking running (shorter distances!) up again. All without pain! You have been encouraging and incredibly supportive. From a weekend warrior - thanks for all your help! On to duathlons."
Christeen Hodge CHRISTEEN HODGE - Took 8th in AG at OD World Championship and won Sprint Nationals!
"After completing the first triathlon of the season in April I wanted to see how good I could be. I have a swimming background so that part was easy, but I knew nothing about biking. I decided to hire a coach to help me improve my training. After doing lots of research of coaches online, I decided to contact Coach Steve not only because of his experience with biking and triathlons, but also because he was affordable and his schedules were personalized. This season he has helped me buy a new tri bike and fit me to it through pictures online. He helped me with race day nutrition, cycling and run technique, and quicker transitions. The workouts were planned around my crazy work schedule. He taught me to become more consistent with my training. As the season progressed so did the intensity to help me prepare for Nationals—including time trials on the bike which was new to me. He answered all my emails with questions about training and racing quickly, and always returned by phone calls within 24 hours. My goal for the season was to make Team USA for OD Worlds and Age Group Nationals was only my second OD event, but I felt prepared. I made the pass down list and was offered a spot on Team USA. I’m very excited to go to Budapest, Hungary! It’s only been 3 months since I started working with Coach Steve, I’ve improved a lot, and since this is only my second season I know I can go faster. I’m excited to work with Coach Steve through the off-season to improve my cycling and running, and into next season. I still have lots to learn and I’m looking forward to learning from Coach Steve."
Vladimir Kouznetsov VLADIMIR KOUZNETSOV - From newbie to age group podium in one season!
"I am [was] a triathlon newbie living most of the year in Moscow. I began working with Steve in December when I started training for triathlon. By late March, I won my age group in a local NYC duathlon and by late May I would have taken 4th place overall at a TriStar event in Germany if I didn't ride an extra 10K! Steve then encouraged me to participate in the US AG nationals, for which I qualified at my first Olympic distance race. Steve has given me a plan to train based on my strengths and weaknesses (including a crazy work schedule and bad climate); no-nonsense wisdom on everything from training to goal setting to equipment to nutrition; and grown-up encouragement, which I know I can trust, to reach for my potential. Every piece of advice I have gotten from Steve has been spot on. Because of his unassuming, no-nonsense manner and dry humor, Steve's guidance has helped me become and stay motivated. He has provided accountability which is important both on those days when you don't feel like doing the work and when you have over-exuberant desire to do too much. I am looking forward to moving up results pages, because I know the guidance is there to achieve it, all I have to do is do the work and then show up to race."
Angel Machado ANGEL MACHADO - Set a new Olympic distance PR in the heat!
"After moving overseas to Malaysia, I was really struggling when racing on the heat/humidity of the South Asia region. My first Olympic race in Asia took me almost 20 more minutes than my best time for the distance back in Dallas two years before. I started working with Coach Steve and he pointed me in the right direction after working with me for a couple of months. He was always confident on his plans and directions, so he didn't make me work harder nor longer. He identified that my biggest problem when facing the heat/humidity was my weight/body composition. So, even though I had already lost 33 pounds since I started doing tri's, I was still far from being LEAN. Steve highlighted the fact that there was no training volume/intensity that could substitute for just getting LEAN by learning how to eat. I followed his advice and kept working towards getting leaner and eating for performance. In July I had lost 37 more pounds and noticed how my running times where coming way down without any other effort but the normal training plans. Steve knew when to start pushing for increasing speed and maintaining high intensity efforts on races. Finally in July, I raced the PORT DICKSON INT Tri in Malaysia on a hot, humid, morning. My legs were good as soon as I started the run. I was able to keep pushing in the run and maintain a true racing effort until I crossed the finish line with a great 27-minute PR! I still have lots to improve and still way to go to get leaner. I know Steve will guide me through and set me up for better things and achievements for the years to come."
David Sims DAVID SIMS - Just got back from Kona with a PR!
"I've been working with Coach Steve for 18 months now and the results have been fantastic. I'm an Aussie living in Tokyo so almost all of our communication has been via email, yet no worries at all. I've been racing at various distances from Olympic to IronMan and I've managed to stay equally competitive at all with Steve's tuning of the schedule. Working with Steve has allowed me to fit in a solid, efficient, tailored training program into a long work week and to shave 40-minutes off my Ironman time in between Ironman Japan in July and Kona in Oct on a significantly tougher course. All questions I've had have been answered quickly and his tips on nutrition in particular have been invaluable for my ironman training and race days."

Note that David's race at Kona raised $3000 for 20-year old Nina Deane who suddenly contracted HLH [hemophagocytic lympohistiocytosis] while training for a career as a nurse at Narita Japan. Well done David — racing for a cause!
Kathy Salvadore KATHY SALVADORE - Moving up the results page at all distances!
"As I reflect back on my race season, I look at what helped me succeed, stay motivated, as well as my weaknesses. Coach Steve was there to motivate me, keep me focused, and give me the feeling that someone was there to push me forward. I also became aware of my weaknesses which I plan to conquer next season! I decided to try Steve’s coaching regime after an early season swim session where his pointers resulted in a significant drop in my swim times. Swim tips, goals for bike mileage, and speed workouts on the track kept me focused and motivated throughout the season. I feel working with Coach Steve this season helped me in many areas of my triathlon competitions. I followed his concise, direct, and 'to the point' workouts. They were easy to adhere to, and I enjoyed having a set plan each day with a workout that was geared specifically for me. I also enjoyed Steve’s 'no fluff' approach and prompt responses. I trusted his expertise and knowledge in part due to his years of race experience. If you're looking for a coach who gives you high goals to strive for and leaves the cheerleading for high school football games, Steve is the coach for you!"
Eric Dyner ERIC DYNER - Upgrading his bike technology and fit!
"I was about to upgrade my aluminum Cervelo road bike to a carbon fiber (size 58) when a friend of mine made a sheepish comment saying that he thought that the existing frame was too small for me. After doing a lot of research on the net and reviewing my print-outs from (for a TT set-up), I concluded that I was more lost than when I started. I needed someone who could provide me with simple advice – what size and what is the optimal set-up (for both Tri and Road bike). I hired Steve to guide me through these questions. By sending him many pictures and asking/responding to many questions I felt very comfortable when I placed an order for a 61cm Cervelo R3 (ie. no doubts that the 58cm was too small!). However, what I most liked about working with Steve was two areas:
  •  He explained to me “the why." Several experts that I have worked with dislike having to explain their logic. With Steve, he explained to me all the factors of the equation which made me much more comfortable with the decision. Furthermore, by explaining the why, I currently feel at ease to set-up my new bike and fine-tune my tri bike without much trepidation. Stay tuned – I owe Steve some pictures of my new set-ups!
  •  He was very open to providing advice on topics far away from bike fitting – including oval vs round chain rings, crank arm length, set-up for indoor swimming, etc, etc. In fact, I even offered to pay extra for his advice and he kindly refused!
I recommend working with Steve and looking forward to continuing to work with him."
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